ABB – Holz, Germany is proud to present their wide variety of different wood products for:

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, 

unter der Rubrik ABB - Holz News stellen wir Ihnen neue oder aber interessante Produkte aus unserem Sortiment vor, die sich entweder schon großer Beliebtheit bei unseren Kunden erfreuen, oder aber voll im Trend der Zeit liegen.  

ABB – Holz Choice OF Wood Products for:


  • Shuttering Plywood, Commercial Plywood,
  • WPC –  shuttering plywood 4 mm and also 18-20-21 mm (New Product),
  • Construction Lumber, Hardboard, Natural  Insulation, Noise reduction, Sound Proofing, Yellow board,  3-Ply Shuttering Board, H20 Beams, entire shuttering systems Civil Engineering and Construction


  • Pine Species  (Elliottis, Radiata, China Pine, Russian Conifer), Birch,  Red Wood Hardwood, Okoume Plywood, OSB, HDF, MDF, Chip Board, Hard Board


  • Commercial Softwood,- and Hardwood Plywood, Architectural Interior Plywood, Fine Decorative Plywood For Construction and Furniture


  • RTA – Furniture, Wooden furniture parts, cut – to - size


  • SPRUCE – FIR – PINE - POPLAR - OAK AND BEECH.                                               
  • For Construction and Furniture, Withe wood lumber for construction worldwide.


  • SPRUCE – FIR – PINE - POPLAR – OAK - BEECH.       

In our Production, located in the center of Germany, we value add for our customer on demand:

  • Hardboard wood - Softwood fiber panels - for packing glas, etc.
  • Ecological Insulation boards - Soundproofing fiber boards
  • Chipboard - OSB - HDF / MDF - Block Board - Plywood in all species qualities, thickness and sizes - Cable drums / reels / spools - Edge protectors -    Corrugated cardboard - Pallets, all certified - Wooden boxes - Wooden pallets of all kinds - lumber – construction, RTA - furniture       
  • We have a professional logistics department, which enables us to send our products all over the globe.
  • Our QC- department is well trained and we assure reliable product quality, first class service and
  • dependable order procedure. Our Sales Team will help you with all questions you might have.      


                                                            ABB Holz GmbH

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