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Our Product Range

Below you will find most of the products we are able to offer. If you are looking for products not shown, pleas elet us know, we are offer to offer most special request.


We usually set up in three layers (dried wood chips). The Plette is produced primarily from wood residue. It is an inexpensive material, process, and can be eingesezt derleischt is very versatile. Mostly the chipboard for furniture, exhibition and shop, as well as packaging is eingesezt. Further information on request. Produkte_5



It is manufactured using the wet method. Finds the use of fiberboard in formwork, interior finishing, doors, furniture and packaging. To be bent by the property during the processing is extremely versatile. Further information on request. Produkte


Wood fiber / insulation

The panels are manufactured using the wet method or the Trockenfervahren. The materials used are sawdust and wood chips. The properties of insulation, are cold in winter protection, heat protection in summer also noise, diffusion open, it saves energy and Increases the value of the building. They will use in ceilings, interior wall designs, exterior wall construction, sound insulation and Verkaungsbereich. Further information on request. Produkte


OSB panels

They are made for dry areas as OSB and 1 or 2 for wet areas as water resistant OSB 3 or 4 It is an inexpensive alternative to Sperrhaolz. Alternatively, as flooring with tongue and groove available. The OSB has a higher carrying capacity than particleboard. Use the panel finds in furniture, interior / shell and a high-quality packaging material. Further information on request. Produkte_3


Angle edge protector

It consists of gray cardboard or polyethylene and are available up to a length of 7000mm. Further information on request. Produkte_1



In building of high quality bed frames a number of variations of the slats may be used. Further information on request.  Federholzleisten



Used as insulation - used and packaging material. Further information on request. Produkte_1



EUR-pallets are delivered according to UIC 435-2 new IPPC. The successful delivery together (interleaved) or together (interlaced). The euro-pallet is a Europe-wide recognized carriers. Disposable pallets or further information on request. Produkte_2



Consist of a middle layer of parallel oriented rods or wood - on both sides perpendicular to rod and glued deck or Absperrfunieren. Block boards are also at varying climates - dimensionally stable, rigid and have a high stamina. They are often used for furniture making. Further information on request. Produkte


Jointing compount panel

A laminated board consists of several, in phenolic resin impregnated paper layers which are pressed together under high pressure. Usually the top layer will be provided with any decor. This layer wood panels often form the basis for worktops, window sills and Formige elements. Further information on request.  


Interface and solid wood

Is obtained from logs. Delivery may be sharp-edged or rough edges. The features are easy handling, durability and high load capacity. Find use interface and solid wood in timber, furniture, interior design and packaging. The following forms are available:

  • Bar
  • Boards
  • Bohlen
  • Battens
  • Veneers

Further information on request.



Veneer strips

There are 3 different versions:

  1. Resinated both sides
  2. One or both sides with foil
  3. Ground on both sides

These variants are available down to a length of 2150mm and a bevelled longitudinal edge can be supplied. The strips are used in furniture and bed construction. Further information on request.




Plywood panels are for example in the packaging industry, the furniture industry and used in shipbuilding and toys, also in road construction and model building. Variants:


  • European birch plywood E1
  • European Film Faced Plywood Birch d + d E1
  • Beech plywood E1
  • Flame retardant plywood Bucher

Further information on request.



Other Products and Solutions

For any suggestions or requests, we have an open ear for you. Produkte_3